global photo, 2018
“The increasing ubiquity of photographs in contemporary culture..."

lancasteronline, 2016
“ about PA's checkered energy history to be shown at U.N. Climate Summit."

mutantspace, 2014
“This weaving of photography and classical painting techniques...”

le journal de la photographie, 2013

palace costes, 2013
“Eric Weeks s'inspire de sa femme...”

photo+, 2012
“에 러 외 스...”

art knowledge news, 2012
“An Architect's Influence”

ALTfoto, 2010
“Cien retratos, cien fotografos”

f5 magazine, 2010
“...но многие из этих снимков были настоящими произведениями искусства.”

ahorn magazine, 2009
“Interview with Eric Weeks”

the dartmouth, 2009
“Weeks' photos hold a wide-reaching appeal...”

mu, 2008
“Pero el argumento subyacente no se puede perder...”

skuawk, 2007
“Weeks is my favorite still life photographer...”

dear dave, 2007

pocono record, 2007
“Weeks removes all the creative stops...”

zoom, 2007
“...(Weeks) is creating a photographic project that is eternal and unique...”

fahrenheit, 2006
“Eric Weeks da un paso más alá de la tradición al crear un personaje distinto...”

the ny sun, 2004
“Eric Weeks’ cinematic photographs stand out by suggesting...”

the atlanta journal constitution, 2003
“(Weeks’) color sense alone would make these major works...”

observations, 2003
“Weeks’ work comes at longing from an unexpected angle...”

village voice, 2003
“The intense quality of Weeks’ attention - anxious, avid, tender...”

the new yorker, 2003
“...emphasize his take on innocence and instinct.”

chicago reader, 1998
“...(Weeks’) main theme - the inability to see completely - is thoroughly modern”

village voice, 1995
“...intriguing - a promising debut show”

Eric Weeks | Photography & Video

Eric Weeks is an artist using photography and video, a curator, and Chair of Photography at the Pennsylvania College of Art & Design in Lancaster, PA.
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